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The College of William & Mary is proud to offer the official William & Mary Bracelet to you, in collaboration with Taber Studios, an artisan jewelry studio founded in 1972 by Robert Taber, class of ’63.

William & Mary Bracelet
Engraving SampleYou can order your William & Mary Bracelet with or without personalized engraving to celebrate or commemorate any occasion. Please type your chosen inscription in the engraving box on your order page. Your inscription may be up to 40 characters in length.

Your handcrafted William & Mary Bracelet is available in either recycled sterling silver, or FAIRMINED silver.

Our recycled sterling silver bracelet is stamped with the Harmony Metals Insignia, from Hoover and Strong.

We also offer a limited option of handcrafted bracelets using only FAIRMINED sterling silver. FAIRMINED is the most proactive ethically sourceable silver currently available on the market. For more information, please visit the Alliance for Responsible Mining. These bracelets will be stamped with the FAIRMINED logo.



Use a cloth tape to measure your wrist, with the tape feeling snug, but comfortable. Be as accurate as possible with your measurement.

Bracelet Size: wrist size as measured between your wrist bones and your hand:

Size #2: (Small Women's Size) from 5 1516" to 6 38"
Size #2.5: from 6 18" to 6 916"
Size #3: (most common women's size) from 6 38" to 6 1516"
Size #3.5: from 6 916" to 7 18"
Size #4: (large women's or small men's size) from 6 1516" to 7 12"
Size #4.5: from 7 18" to 7 1116"
Size #5: (most common men's size) from 7 12" to 8"
Size #5.5: from 7 1116" to 8 316"
Size 6: (large men's size)

from 8" to 8 58"

Note: Each bracelet is adjustable to fit a range of sizes. If you have any further questions, please view our bracelet fitting video. You are also welcome to contact Taber Studios with any questions at (888) 604 9894.

Wearing Your Bracelet

  1. Adjust the opening of your bracelet to be more open or closed so it feels slightly snug as you put it on.
  2. Always put your bracelet on and off your forearm an inch away from your wrist bones, with your hand and forearm totally relaxed.
  3. Avoid putting your bracelet on directly over your wrist bones.
  4. This one time adjustment does not have to be done every time.
  5. Your bracelet should be worn on your wrist closest to your hand and should feel slightly loose once it's on.