Community & Environment

Taber Studios' Commitment to Community & the Environment

We believe that to have a truly successful business we must be responsible members within our communities and responsible stewards of our environment, at both the local and global levels.

The natural world is an incredible source of inspiration as well as the actual raw material for many of our new designs. As such it is important to reflect on where the raw materials for these cherished personal adornments come from, and the impact our purchases have all along the supply chain. When we cease being mindful of the true costs of these resources (both to the environment and in human labor) we devalue them, and some of the integrity we seek to invest in them as personal talismans, is lost.

In this complex, culturally diverse world it is not always possible to know exactly what the impact of our materials purchasing will have throughout the supply chain, but we are committed to supporting fully traceable supply chains that promote financially sustainable communities and ecologically healthy environments whenever and wherever possible.

Ways in which we are giving back

TS Ethaus - A Legacy of Beauty and Justice
18k Fairmined gold, Fairmined silver, fairtrade sapphires, recycled diamonds, lab grown moissanite diamonds...these are the primary materials used in every one of our pieces in this collection, showcasing the most responsible materials sourcing currently available.

10% of the sale of all Ethaus jewelry is donated into a mine remediation fund being managed by Ethical Metalsmiths.

Martin Taber Designs - Signature Collection
With a deep reverence for the natural world Martin has created an exciting and eclectic new line of eco haute-couture jewelry. The purpose of this new collection is three-fold:

   1. To celebrate the beauty of the natural world;

   2. To directly impact the use of precious and limited natural resources by replacing them with interesting natural and abundant found objects; and

   3. Encourage the wearer/viewer to redefine what they consider "precious."

10% of the sale of all Martin Taber Designs jewelry is donated directly to the Ocean Conservancy

Recycled Materials in our TS Classics Collection
As Fairmined silver and gold are still a somewhat limited resource, whenever possible we seek to use only recycled metals in our Classics Collection. This includes all of our sterling silver wire and sheet metal and most of our 14k gold material. Currently their is only one primary manufacturer of gold-filled material in the US and we are working to get them to be more transparent with their sourcing. Our primary suppliers for our Classics Collection are Rio Grande, a family owned and operated jewelry materials supplier, and Hoover and Strong's Harmony Metals.

5% Materials Surcharge
While we are big proponents of using recycled metals to reduce the amount of new material being mined, no amount of recycling is going to halt the continued mining of new ore. With a strong personal mandate to help develop cleaner technologies and processes within the industry we have instituted a 5% materials surcharge on all materials we use. This added surcharge will be donated on a quarterly basis to support the ongoing work of Ethical Metalsmiths.

Ethical Metalsmiths
Taber Studios is a proud member of the national non-profit Ethical Metalsmiths and Martin is currently serving as President of the organization's Board of Directors.
Ethical Metalsmiths leads jewelers and consumers towards informed activism for responsible mining, sustainable economic development, and verified, ethical sources for gold, diamonds and other materials used for jewelry. Ethical Metalsmiths' vision is a world in which people can create and enjoy jewelry made with materials from responsible sources that respect and protect the earth, its people, and cultures.

Other Affiliated Businesses and Organizations
Alliance for Responsible Mining - an organization committed to enhancing equity and wellbeing in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) communities through improved social, environmental and labour practices, good governance and the implementation of ecosystem restoration practices.

Hoover and Strong - Harmony Metals and Gems, Fairmined Gold, Fairmined Silver

Aurelsa Gold Mining Cooperative - Fairmined Gold, Fairmined Silver

Fair Trade Jewelry Company - Fairtrade/Fairmined Gold and casting services

Columbia Gem House - Fairtrade Sapphires

The Sierra Fund - Working to remove legacy mercury from California's 150 year old Gold Rush.

Pure Earth - Helping eliminate mercury from artisanal mining

JR Casting - Fairmined gold and silver casting

Rio Grande - Recycled silver, gold-filled wire, Moissanite stones

Ocean Conservancy - 10% of all MT Designs is donated to the Ocean Conservancy

The College of William & Mary - The William & Mary Bracelet

Carbon Offsets for Shipping and Travel (pending)

We welcome your suggestions for ways in which we can be held more socially and environmentally accountable. Please email us your suggestions.