8 Reasons the Official William & Mary Bracelet is the Perfect Gift for Graduates

Posted on May 01, 2016 by K Doyle



William and Mary Bracelet in gift box

It may be hard to believe for parents and students alike, but commencement and graduation are almost here. If you're looking for the perfect gift for your graduate to treasure forever, here are 8 reasons to consider the Official William & Mary Bracelet, handcrafted by Taber Studios.


William and Mary Commencement
Photo Credit: @allyfreeland via @william_and_mary

1. This is the only bracelet officially authorized and endorsed by the College of William & Mary. William & Mary chose to collaborate with Taber Studios, as it is recognized as one of the highest quality, and oldest, Craft/Arts jewelry studios in America.
Taber Studios was founded by Robert Taber, who is himself a William & Mary alumni, receiving his BA in Art History in 1963. He founded Taber Studios in 1972 as a jewelry arts studio in the philosophy and tradition of the Arts and Crafts movement, and the majority of Taber Studios' designs are inspired by various artists, and periods of art, utilizing Robert’s Art History education from William & Mary.

As the only bracelet officially licensed by the College of William & Mary, your bracelet is also hallmarked with the Royal Cypher.

William and Mary Royal Cypher

2. A significant proportion of all sales go directly to the William & Mary Alumni Association, contributing directly to students. Robert Taber is proud to be able to give back to his alma mater via sales of the William & Mary Bracelet. If you are considering other graduation jewelry, ask if the sales directly benefit future students.

William and Mary Lacrosse Team Graduation
photo credit: @william_and_mary

3. The Official William & Mary Bracelet is handcrafted to perfection, with a standard and finish far superior to most similar bracelets on the market. The 2 gauge, half round, cuff bracelet contains more silver, and is therefore thicker and heavier, than cheaper bracelets on the market. It is sturdier, yet also more comfortable, finished with perfectly rounded edges so it does not catch on skin or clothing. Compare these photos of the William & Mary Bracelet, and the most common type of silver, half round, cuff bracelet on the market.

Comparison of bracelets   Comparison of bracelets on wrist

4. Each official William & Mary Bracelet is made to order, handcrafted to the highest standard of quality. It is a gift that will be cherished forever, sitting comfortably on the wrist, making it the perfect daily reminder of the love, laughs, experiences, and friendships gained at college. The high quality craftsmanship of the bracelet means it will last beyond a lifetime, making it a valuable family heirloom in years to come.


William and Mary Bracelet


5. Taber Studios are proud members of Ethical Metalsmiths, committed to always using the most responsibly sourced materials available. The jewelry industry has a shocking history of associated environmental destruction, and avoidance of social responsibility. For example, did you know that the jewelry industry is responsible for 30% of the world's mercury poisoning? However, you can feel proud knowing that your bracelet is handcrafted in our Californian studio using only ethical materials.

There are two choices for the sterling silver used to handcraft your William & Mary Bracelet. You can choose:

  • Recycled sterling silver, stamped with the Harmony Metals Insignia, from Hoover and Strong or;
  • We also offer a limited option of handcrafted bracelets using only FAIRMINED sterling silver. FAIRMINED is the most proactive ethically sourceable silver currently available on the market. For more information, please visit the Alliance for Responsible Mining. These bracelets will be stamped with the FAIRMINED logo.


        Engraving on William & Mary Bracelet

        6. We offer your choice of font and inscription for personalized engraving inside the bracelet. A message of love, sorority symbols, or simply name and graduating year; the choice is yours!

        William and Mary Bracelet held by Bob Taber of Taber Studios

        7. Packaged beautifully in William & Mary colors, with a gold satin cloth, the bracelet is gift boxed and ready to give when it arrives at your door.

        8. The William & Mary Bracelet is adjustable, and available in a range of sizes. It fits snugly over the wrist, but is completely comfortable, not restricting movement of the arm or wrist in any way. The rounded edges help to ensure its comfortable, unrestricted fit.

        How to Wear Your William & Mary Bracelet Handcrafted by Taber Studios


        For more information, or to order your bracelet, click here. As each bracelet is handcrafted to order, place your order by May 4th to ensure delivery by graduation!